SDcard compatible size

Hi Team,

I’m trying to build a tether UAV with an Endurance of 10hrs and expecting it to run everyday. My UAV will be packed, so that I’m willing to store more number of logs in the SDcard. My question is what is the maximum storage size that I can use for logging in my UAV.

Im using pixhawk cube plus with arducopter 4.2.3.

@tridge need your review or input on this. I’m planning to use a 1TB micro SDcard.

Thank you,

Viswanath S

The file system on the sd card is exFAT, so 1TB should not be an issue.
However, that the maximum number of LOG files are hard coded to 500, after that the oldest file will be overwritten.
You can change it by modifying the code, (Ap_Logger_backend.h → define #MAX_LOG_FILES)

Noted. Thank you for your info.