Scurves on Boats!

In this video EAMS Robotics (my main sponsor) tested the new Rover-4.3 SCurves waypoint navigation feature on an autonomous boogie board boat.

SCurves are still quite new and there are undoubtedly still some issues we need to resolve like making sure that the default parameters work for a wide variety of vehicles but still, the results are very promising I think.

  • The vehicle’s accelerations (both forward-back and laterally) are jerk limited meaning that the vehicle’s movements are quite smooth.
  • The vehicle cuts the corners instead of overshooting.

If you’re interested in more details I described the implementation a bit in my presentation at the developer conference. We also have a long testing thread here in discuss.

Special thanks to @Leonardthall who wrote SCurves and helped me with the port to Rover/Boat and also to @Yuri_Rage and @stephendade who led the beta testing effort.