Screw Driven Vehicle-

Hi! I have a screw driven vehicle. I want use them with ArduPilot but there aren’ any documentaries.If you have them can you help me? But it must be urgent

You will have to provide more details about the vehicle and the drive system components.

Perhaps this recently resurrected topic could help?

There is still no control scheme for a vehicle like this. You could control it like a skid steered vehicle, but lateral translation isn’t supported for this specific config.

I didn’t make the tool. I am doing research.If this tool supports ardupilot i will make this tool.

Then you have your answer.

It would be cool to add support for this vehicle type.

I recently helped out at a First Robotics Competition and these were really cool to watch move around.

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I wonder if some of the work done to support omni/mecanum wheels could be used. In fact, I’m curious if maybe it could almost approximate the capabilities and move at oblique angles?