Scheduling main loop rate

SCHED_LOOP_RATE Is this parameter similar to PID Loop Rate in betaflight?
The parameter description mentions that values above 400 are highly experimental !!!
In Betaflight, with an F7 fc, 2000hz was very easy and some people went even beyond that after disabling rpm filters.
Has anyone ever tested very high values for SCHED_LOOP_RATE ? like 2k or 4k ? And how much effect does it have on flights? I usually fly in ALT_HOLD mode.
I have Cube Orange which has an H7. So it should be plenty for such rates if I’m assuming correctly


this is the main code loop rate.
It should be working at 1k rate on copter, but it changes every timing, so for now that isn’t a simple change, and beside the log on a well tuned copter you shouldn’t notice much difference.

I remember hearing in a Dev meeting that currently 768Hz should be fine, but pass that some problems start to occur.

@MindProbe test it out, after fully tuning the copter at 400Hz, and let us know how it works.

But like @khancyr already told you, it probably will not make any difference.

What makes a difference is to fully tune it according to the instructions, without skipping any steps. Some users skip some steps and wonder why they do not get maximum performance. Do not be one of those users.