Scary- Pitch control suddently inverted mid flight

I have a large MR 880mm, 6s, pixhawk. Been having trouble getting my motors perfectly level so only flying short test flights while I try and correct it. Its been flying ok other than flying basically on 2 motors as it seems to be fighting tilted motors. But this last flight, part way through all of the sudden my pitch control reversed and I almost completely lost control. Never had anything like this happen before. Can someone take a look at my log and see if anythings up?!ouYliADa!lOB0DwKh_WAPFf6Ck1gFca4eorrNnCF0r6n-Z5fwhVE

The attached is a bit busy but it shows the event you are talking about. I wouldn’t say the pitch control has reversed because the Pitch/Desired Pitch agree but you can clearly see your Pitch control input diverging. I think it’s just very poor pitch authority from what you noted as large imbalance between motors. Motors 2 & 3 shown for effect.

Ahh, that makes me feel better. I’ll just keep working on that imbalance. Thanks!!