Scaling RC Input [SOLVED]

I’m working with the Arduboat fork, but this applies (I think) to all.

How can I scale a servo output over a defined PWM range from an RC input directly? EG - RCIn3 is 950-1800us, I want to output from Servo8 as 800-2200us.

Thanks for any help you might offer!

Page down to RCINxScaled option:
Output functions

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You may also want to update to the latest version of Rover rather than using an old fork of ArduBoat.

In the newer firmware, you’ll use FRAME_CLASS to enable boat-specific behavior.

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So I’m using the RCINxScaled option and nothing is working. Currently RCIN6 to Servo8 out works fine as confirmed via oscope but then when I set it to RCIN6Scaled it locks up at a fixed PWM (946us but that’s not of significance).

Any ideas?

Your fork may not have scaled output enabled.

Again, I encourage you to use the latest stable Rover release.

I am using the latest stable Rover release, and just confirmed this by reinstalling. RCINxScaled just does not work. How would I go about enabling it in this fork?

My mistake to recommend stable (4.2.3 as of this post). You’ll need 4.3 or newer to use RCINxxScaled. Rover 4.3-beta5 is nearly ready for stable release, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

If you’re using an old fork that is actually labeled/titled “ArduBoat,” I’m afraid you’re likely out of luck unless you’d like to deep dive into C++.

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Awesome, thanks. Actually I’m looking forward to eventually doing such a deep dive when I find time. I <3 C++. Yes, I’m currently on 4.2.3. I’ll look to get 4.3, thanks!

Ok I installed the 4.3 beta and have tested the scaling and it works wonderfully. How do I mark this issue as resolved?

I did that for you. Glad you got it sorted!

Be sure to follow the 4.3-specific tuning instructions for navigation. A lot has changed!

Will do. Thanks @Yuri_Rage

Yuri, is there a way applying Scaling to Rover (zero-turn mower similar to yours)? I feel that my stick movements are too sensitive, but unless I misunderstood RCINScaling function, it does not seem it can replace ThrottleLeft and ThrottleRight functions, can it? All controls is on the same RC stick.
Tried scaling Throttle on the RC itself, but that did not have any affect.