Scaling RC Input [SOLVED]

I’m working with the Arduboat fork, but this applies (I think) to all.

How can I scale a servo output over a defined PWM range from an RC input directly? EG - RCIn3 is 950-1800us, I want to output from Servo8 as 800-2200us.

Thanks for any help you might offer!

Page down to RCINxScaled option:
Output functions

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You may also want to update to the latest version of Rover rather than using an old fork of ArduBoat.

In the newer firmware, you’ll use FRAME_CLASS to enable boat-specific behavior.

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So I’m using the RCINxScaled option and nothing is working. Currently RCIN6 to Servo8 out works fine as confirmed via oscope but then when I set it to RCIN6Scaled it locks up at a fixed PWM (946us but that’s not of significance).

Any ideas?

Your fork may not have scaled output enabled.

Again, I encourage you to use the latest stable Rover release.

I am using the latest stable Rover release, and just confirmed this by reinstalling. RCINxScaled just does not work. How would I go about enabling it in this fork?

My mistake to recommend stable (4.2.3 as of this post). You’ll need 4.3 or newer to use RCINxxScaled. Rover 4.3-beta5 is nearly ready for stable release, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

If you’re using an old fork that is actually labeled/titled “ArduBoat,” I’m afraid you’re likely out of luck unless you’d like to deep dive into C++.

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Awesome, thanks. Actually I’m looking forward to eventually doing such a deep dive when I find time. I <3 C++. Yes, I’m currently on 4.2.3. I’ll look to get 4.3, thanks!

Ok I installed the 4.3 beta and have tested the scaling and it works wonderfully. How do I mark this issue as resolved?

I did that for you. Glad you got it sorted!

Be sure to follow the 4.3-specific tuning instructions for navigation. A lot has changed!

Will do. Thanks @Yuri_Rage