SBUS Output Not Working

I am assuming and trying to use the SBUS output to daisy chain the SBUS between my flight controller and gimbal but, I am seeing no output on the SBUS out port. I set BRD_SBUS_OUT parameter wit no effect. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Since, there is no response, Is there anyway to daisy chain sbus form your receiver to 2 flight controllers where, e.g., channels 1-8 will be used by 1 controller and 9-16 by the other

A simple Y-cable should be working.
Which channels each FC/gimbal uses, has to be configured in those.

I have tried using a Y-cable and when I connect the gimbal, all channels are lost. When I connect individually, it works fine for the assigned channels but connecting both shuts it down. I tried using the sbus out from the FC but that did not work either. The signals look different when capturing on the logic analyzer.