SBUS OUT on small FCs?

I used the SBUS port of a Pixhawk (V1) to control a gimbal and wondered if I could do the same with one of the smaller flight controllers. Specifically I have the holybro kakute f7. I recall having to set BRD_SBUS_OUT:1 but don’t see this parameter any longer.

S-bus servo out as a Serial port option?

@dkemxr - could I simply use, say UART3 and set SERIAL3_PROTOCOL to 15 (Sbus servo out) ? I guess I could try that.

Yes,that might work.

That’s what I did with a PixRacer: E-Flite Convergence with PixRacer and SBUS output

Thanks Mark @kd0aij - I set SERIAL4_PROTOCOL to 15 (Sbus servo out) but was not sure how to set SERIAL4_BAUD. According to the wiki it says that its automatically is set to 100,000 but it did not do that and setting it manually to 100 did not work. I am not using a hardware inverter but using the software serial inverter that was introduced in V3.7.0-dev (7b541032). There is a new serial parameter called SERIAL4_OPTIONS which needs to be set to 7. This worked for me on the serial port that’s connected to the s.port of FrSky XSR which in turn communicates to FlightDeck on my Taranis.

What baud rate are you seeing on serial4 with protocol set to 15?

My mistake it did change it to 100 which is 100,000. I’ve decided to just send the Sbus output of the receiver to the gimbal as I realized that I don’t really need to control the gimbal from a mission. This works fine.

OK. Let me know if you do find any bugs with SBUS out in the F7.