SB_0000001 Critical service bulletin for Beta Cube 2.1

I’m just in the process of insulating the little potential short detailed,probably by grinding the nut away, but I won’t know until I get the cube seperated.I’d already fixed the rattly cap with hot glue,so that’s not a problem.What is a problem is that one of the tiny grub screws has sheered off half of it’s cheesehead and so can’t be loosened.Another one hardly grips at all ( it only tightens on the last two turns so won’t self extract) and I had to strggle to extract it.So I’m no nearer fixing the problem.I’m going to try sticking a driver to what’s left of the screw with superglue to see if I can extract it.I was less than impressed by these grub screws when I first encoutered them.Now I’m starting to really hate them.

Update: All sorted out throught the Facebook page via a very helpful third party.Thanks Charles.

I still hate the grub screws.

Another edit: I’ve got a new cover on the way but I got this one off as once two screws are removed on the one side the cover just slips off.Only took me an hour or two to realise.Grinding the nut was a doddle but I kappa taped it too.

hello, when you say “One unit had an incorrectly mounted imu, Prearm check caught this…”, you mean the prearm check warns us or it compensates values ​​etc ?
You do a really great job,
thank you

It stops it from Arming

A small update from me.I’ve just received my replacement cube shell so thanks very much whoever was responsible for doing that.In the meantime I did two mods as a belt and braces approach to sorting this little poser.I ground the corner off of the nut and then I stuck a bit of Kappa tape over the contacts so I shouldn’t get any shorts happening any time soon.I expect I’ll stick a connector on the wrong way around at some point but for now I think I’m safe.Hope these mods help.

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Dear Proficnc staff

We ordered the Cube B version and got through the procedure and fixed the thing, but next we installed Mission Planner and had to external compasses mounted: and when connecting the drone we got an inverted horizon ie blue at bottom part, green top, and error messages bad compass health, etc. We disconnected the external compasses and GPS but in spite of that we saw in the calibration large differences in the compasses (it seems that the calibration is then of the 3 internal compasses, since the external ones were disconnected. Next, we tried to change the differences in the compasses by inverting eg roll 180 so that the difference in Y value would be corrected, Never-the-less no solution and the horizon is still “green”! So since we cannot resolve it and understand that others had similar problems, we need to have a fix to this issue: PLS help with a fix quickly. Best regards, Winfried

Can it be that you need to change the the board orientation in order the horizon be at top.
Pixhawk 2 configuration from factory is inverted.

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You need to set your AHRS to 0, you will find its set to 12.

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I had a recent crash with a P2.1 beta. I believe the issue was related to a motor failure. Unfortunately, that motor happened to be on RC_OUT 5 (on a quad) which makes me suspicious. Can someone help take a look at my logs and see if we can rule out anything related to this bulletin?

My post is here

I replied on your post. The short version…

If you were not using PWM1, then your crash is unrelated to this issue.

Things to post on the other thread that will help narrow down your search.

Photos of your setup… lots of them.

Motors? ESC’s? Any additional information

When do we expect to receive the kit?.thanks

No answer? Any news on the kit?

I really am sorry for the delays here.
these were supposedly sent directly from our supplier a long time ago now.
I am still chasing them up.

Again I apologize, and I know its not good enough.


Come on guys.You’re all using developmental gear and firmware here.Man up and get your grinders and tape out. :slight_smile:

See above for pictures. :flashlight:


be careful
I toasted mine today
BRD_type no L3GT20 found

How? What lead up to this? Have you had it open? If so, check that the boards inside are connected correctly, that’s the normal cause of that issue.

It was my fault I messed the little connector up, just take care taking things apart
My outstanding Distributor Jester Drones is on the case, I’m all sorted out

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Has anyone know when and how to receive the kit?It has been almost two month and still waiting ?Or maybe forgotten.

The kits have been sent to distributors, but it appears that the boat used was a row boat! They are apparently still coming

list of affected serial numbers ?

Connect with mission planner latest beta.

It will automatically check

It only affects the beta version of the cube. This was the batche delivered in December