Same prop broken every flight Im done with it plz help

Hi my Quadcopter sk 450 frame
Pixhawk fc
750 kv motor

My problem is weird !
Almost every flight one of my prop broken
The weird thing is
The broken prop always Same motor (back left) other motors never broken and every time IT CUTTING FROM SAME PLACE EXACTLY!! 2sm from the hub

I try to change the prop adaptor but that didn’t fixed my problem

I am very nervous because i don’t know the reason

I can confirm that my prop didn’t touch anything

What do you thing the reason of my problem?

You haven’t given much detail on exactly When the props break.

A lot of the cheap clone props have the blade root too thin for the material they are using.
I have had some shed blades in flight until I leant my lesson.

Is the copter balanced?
Is that motor working harder/spinning faster for some reason?
How much does the copter weigh?
How is your tuning?
Is there a lot of pulsing on that motor (tight tuning working the motor hard)?

thank you fot your reply
Yes my quadcopter is blanced esc and prop
I have one year flying without any problem but this problem comes last 3 months
Same prop broken and cut from same spot
Answer yout Q:
Yes palanced prop& escs
I tuning it with auto-tuning
Yes when i spin that motor by my hand its harder than others but a little not much

Usually it’s broken when I hovering for a while

My quad weight 1.3 kg

When I asked about balance it was referring to the whole quad.
If you balance the whole quad in the centre is one side heavier?

Auto tune does work the motors and if you have weak props it is likely to break them.

As I said, I gave up on cheap Chinese props and only use APC or carbon props now.

Have a look at your logs and see if this motor is requiring more power or is being pulsed excessively.

No it blanced almost 100%
I think that the problem in that motor or esc
Here is my flight log if you can help me to analyze it,
I will appreciate it

Could you provide me the URL of your good props?

I had a quick look at the log and it appears to have happened when you commanded forward flight.
Maybe that motor is working just a fraction harder to counter yaw.
I think it happening on the same motor is more through a combination of the props being not strong enough and coincidence.

Any hobby shop should have APC props or similar, there are a number of good brands on the market for multi rotors.
Even some of the cheaper carbon ones would work better than those that fail.

Thank you for your help
I already ordered these props
I hope it will fix my problem