Sail boat configuration


This is my first post here, i have experience with quadcopters and airplanes using ardupilot.
together with a friend we want to make a high speed sailboat that wil make use of wing like sails.
there will be 2 main sails they will be controlled with 2 servo that will control 2 tail wings at a extended arm on the main sail.
and the main sails can respond fast to wind for the heel function, but i also want to steer the direction of the boat with the main sails.

and there will be a contra mass that also have a floating function to prevent that it will tip over this can be moved furter and closer to the boat to keep the sail in the ideal position.

basically the sail boad configuration but untop of the main sail output (send to both of the servo’s) it should also send a diferantial out when it needs to change direction.
and the contra mass is a sepperate output that is controlled bij the angle with a hysteresis.

i want to know if this is possible to configere the outputs in this way?
if this concept works we want to build a large version in the future.

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Hi Ruud,


This is not currently a supported setup, but it would be relatively easy to add support using a lua script. You can reading the main controller output, do stuff to them and send to the servos.

This is also how walking robots work.

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your answer, I will read the post.
And see if I can make some script that will support that functionality.
I’m not very experienced with making complex scripts but if I can find some examples I should be able to manage.

Kind Regards