Sag Compensated Voltage in copter 3.6

How to you specify the voltage sag with BATT_FS_VOLTSRC?


The sag compensation is done automatically. It’s been some time since I helped Leonard get the implementation into Copter but if I remember correctly it is learned when there are large changes in requested throttle.

EDIT: for those comfortable looking at the code, here is where AP estimates the battery’s resistance which is used to do the sag compensation.

I’m using Li-Ion batteries and today got a RED warning message saying BAD BATTERY on the mission planner HUD on plane. I’ve verified that the battery is not bad, and it’s doing the same with 2 different Li-Ion batteries. There is enough sag that it would be suspect if it were a lipo, but it’s not…
Would changing the parameter BATT_FSVOLTRC to 1 eliminate that nuisance? I’ve also changed my voltage FS timer from 10 sec to 30.
Is this the control for the BAD BATTERY warning, or is there another control parameter for it?
Would be nice if it had different levels of battery health, like the battery bars on a Nisan Leaf… Maybe with smart batteries that have an ID?
Also the Audio visual warnings on Mission Planner for low voltage stay the same when different vehicles are loaded. would be nice to have it change with a vehicle parameter when connecting via mavlink. just wishful thinking… Thanks, DEVS for all you do, truly amazing!!