Safety switch only for motors

Hi, Is it possible to activate safety switch to block only motors, but no AUX 1-6? So I can control my LEDs and servos without pushing safety switch?


On 3.4+ there’s a parameter BRD_SAFETY_MASK for that

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Thats great! thanks…

Ehm… how does it work? I dont understand. Current value is 16368, what does it mean?
I want to enable aux1-6, disable rest. What value should I input?

Welcome to the programmers wonderful binary world :slight_smile:

I use the calculator on binary mode. The bits are from right to left

The mask you probably want would be something like this

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apply safety switch to only first 4 channels woudl be 1111 0000000000 = 7680 right?

The number you mention before was correct for 4 channels. See the first pic. The bits are from right to left

There is 6 zeros from right, not 4 so how could it affect 4 channels?

What you want is done by default, the safety switch only applies to motors outputs. Isn’t it working for you? If you only have four motors the value 16368 (binary: 11 1111 1111 0000) is correct.

16368 was default and for channel 10 it has to have safety switch pushed otherwise it dint work. So I am confused now…
with 7680 ch10 work without safety switch
So it looks like 0 works without safety switch, 1 only with safety switch

So Dec valu 15 should represent 0000000000 1111

Update: no It doesn work with value 15
Update 2: after I reset value 16368 it works again. I dont know why it didnt work with default value.

You have to reboot the Pixhawk after changing values :slight_smile: