Safety Switch Extension of Functionality

Hi there.

Love the Safety Switch Feature! Especially with a larger hex spinning larger props. It’s good to do all pre-flight checks knowing that the copter can’t enable the motors!

So this is good! Also the audio feedback from the escs is a clear indication the safetry switch is armed or disarmed.

I’ve had a look through the forums as well as the documentation but can’t find more info on the Safety Switch. So my understanding of the functionality is:

  1. Ardupilot is disarmed until Safety Swtich is pressed.
  2. ESCs beep due to getting no signal due to Safety switch being armed.
  3. Press Safety Switch and sound stops and vehicle is now able to be armed.
  4. Arm vehicle and fly

    and now this is the extra functionality I’m looking for
  5. Land vehicle and disarm (with RC)
  6. Press safety switch button to re-enable Safety Switch
  7. ESCs will beep again

I have found that the after a flight, we can enable the safety swtich again HOWEVER, there is no visual or auditory feedback that the switch is now enabled. The only way we know is by using the RC to ARM and it will fail saying ‘Safety Swtich’.

I feel the audio feedback is great (perhaps annoying to some) to know that the vehicle is SAFE.

I’m I missing a setting for this? Is there a way to get some audio feedback?



agree that an indication of safe-state is good.

I personally find the ESC beeping a little annoying though - so I press the safety switch pretty early on to get rid of it :slight_smile:

The safety switch does support LED indication of state. It blinks when in “safe mode” and is on constantly when in “armable” state. I use that as the primary indicator. (See doc link posted by Hari).

Do you have a switch with integrated LED connected? If yes you should get the same behaviour.

Thanks Hari, Christian

If using the Here or Here+ GPS with the build in LEDs. The LEDs only give an indication of GPS status not Safety Switch Status.

Yes, beeps are annoying … but in the field, a good annoyance for safety.

Or perhaps the circular led around the safety button on the Here GPS is what I need to look at. To be honest, in the daylight I can’t really make out if the led around the button is solid or flashing.