Sabertooth 2x32 Pixhawk

Hey Guys hoping someone can help me out. Been stuck on this problem and am only making it worse the more I do to it, have looked at other forums and videos but cant find a solution.

I have hooked up the sabertooth 2x32 with 4 200 rpm geared motors. Using the Flysky FS-i6 controller with fs ia6 receiver.

It works perfect I can get the rover to go forward and back and turn left and right.

Using the left side of controller Channel 3 moving rover back and forth and right side of controller using channel 1 turning left and right.

Dip Switches on sabertooth I have is

  1. off
  2. on
  3. off
  4. on
  5. off
  6. off

So everything goes really good with the sabertooth and the controller.

The problem I have is when I connect the Sabertooth to the Pixhawk.

I connect the sabertooth rc input to channels 1 and 3 on Pixhawk.

Using a ppm encoder to connect receiver to rcin on Pixhawk.

When I connect everything turn on Pixhawk and sabertooth, arm the system and turn on controller.

I only can turn left and right ( channel 1) with the rover.

The Rover will not respond to channel 3 and will not move forward and back.

Can someone please help, cant figure it out.

I have looked at many forum on ArduPilot with sabertooth but still dont get what I have to change.

You have to follow the the setup instructions available here:

You do not mention any specifics about the ardurover setup you have done. A skid steering rover will not move at all when it is disarmed. But have you armed it? Did you finish the calibration steps and the basic configuration?

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Hey sebastian thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve gone through the rover intro

Yes i have it armed, yes went through the basic configurations

Hey guys so i got a update if anyone could help out. Would really appreciate it.

So i have the servo outputs like this.

I can move my rover back and forth, side to side manually. Works great.

The problem is when i try to work in guided mode and try to arm the rover i get an error

pre arm check steering and throttle config.

I try to switch rcin2 to throttle but not getting any feedback from my rover.

Ground streering works perfect.

Hey Sebastian, I cant figure it out for the life of me. went through all different forums and cant find a solution. Could you please help.

Could you help me take it step to step so I can get the skid steering right please?

Sorry Lorenzo, but you did not read through the docs or skipped a few steps. Have a look here:

There is no shortcut to a working setup. You have to follow the docs step by step and make sure you understood and set everything. If you got specific questions to any step, please feel free to ask again.

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Hey Sebastian, sorry I skipped through couple steps. Went back and worked from beginning to end and got it up and running. Thank you for the help. If anyone has the same problem just slowly go through the steps.

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Great you got it working!

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