RunCam Split S - Mini Start/Stop Record via UART Control

In the past we were only given 1 real option for controlling start and stop record when using ArduPilot with a RunCam Split camera. Run Cam used to provided a PWM controller for their RunCam Split series that took a pwm signal from a RX channel and then converted it into a UART serial to the Camera board. RunCam now has discontinued to manufacture this cable because they have moved to rely on the devs of the FC firmware to control the camera via UART. I have reached out to RunCam support for verification and this is the answer they gave. The only way to start and stop Record on the RunCam Split cameras is now via UART only control which is supported in betaflight and other similar firmware. I fly Betaflight and love it but nothing beats Ardupilot for GPS control and other features that come with it. Is it possible to get this feature into the plans for development in ArduPilot across the board? I also have planes that I use Arduplane on with RunCam that would benfit from this feature. Thanks again for such a magnificent product.

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