Rudderless/Split Rudder Flying Wing

I was asked to post logs of a rudderless flying wing I created for the Arduplane code. This plane is running an MRO H7 Control Zero FC.

Today was the maiden, I made a complete guess as to the proper YAW2SRV_Damp value of 0.12 and it worked well but tomorrow I hope to fine tune this value and the roll value as well as the nose was a bit high in turns. I did not see a need to change the dampening value while flying line of sight but will probably want to mess with it once I fly it FPV. For being the airplanes maiden and a total guess as to the proper dampening value I was beyond impressed and look forward to seeing how it is after I tune it to the best of my abilities. I am also wondering if an airbrake function can be incorporated as well, this thing just did not want to land and may even be harder to land than the Strix Goblin. The pitch hunting you will note on launch disappeared after the plane got up to speed, and it did not exhibit again, not even when coming in for landing. That will get figured out too, probably when I get up the nerve to turn off stabilization several mistakes high to find the proper CG and to see how long it takes the plane to depart flight without yaw dampening.

I am not sure which of these three files from today is the flight as the time stamps are way off so I included them all.


Ok here is a file from today, a good mix of stabilized and unstabilized. Without stabilization the plane does fly, but wants to snap the nose down if you get too deep into a turn and definitely feels like it is wallowing when maneuvering. I’m happy with it now after tuning, will do more but it seems safe to say this is a yaw waggle free flying wing.


really nice to see this working, thanks!

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Nice demo!
Here is a PR to add yaw controller in ACRO mode, as requested in your video

it is completely untested. If you can show it works we can merge it.
Do you need me to do a build for you? What board?
To enable the option set FLIGHT_OPTIONS=32

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Wow thank you so much. Yes, I will need a build, I am using the mRo Control Zero H7. I can test it out within a day or two of receiving a build.

firmware here:
good luck with the flight!

I can’t get the install to progress past the Com Identify stage

odd, does this firmware work?

Yes that one seems to work. This board was always on com12, at the end of the loading process it said com11 identity, but it still connects on com12 and com11 does not show up. I set up that firmware, it does not have the ACRO rudder stabilization activated correct? I’m not getting anything on rudder in ACRO with Flight_options set to 32.

I think I see the issue, please try this firmware:
I got tripped up by the difference between the mRoControlZeroH7 and mRoControlZeroOEMH7 builds

It works on the bench, I will probably be able to test this out in flight tomorrow.

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All in ACRO mode. This is amazing, thank you for setting this up Tridge.

great! I’ll merge it, and we can get it documented