RTL mode aggressive decent in arducopter using TF03 Lidar

@rishabsingh3003 Today i have tested TF03 Lidar 180m with arducopter 4.0.4rc3 for terrain following .i have uploaded all way-points in terrain altitude and perform the terrain following testing over tree at 20m height.

Due to down facing lidar its not detect earlier obstacle and ascent according to that ,that i planned to slightly up 10 degree and give a try again .

What is the RNGFND_GAIN function do normally. i have test it with 1.0 .

during these time copter was performed very well( not oscillating) but when i entered into RTL and its strts decent to home point its oscillating very fast and aggressiveness.once reached LAND_LOW _SPEED height its came into normal flying and start decent at 0.5m/s.

Also GPS hdop function is not come down to below 1 even-though sats reached 22 in clear sky.GPS is HERE2 via CAN protocol.


GPS hdop is a measuremnt of satelite position geometry. it is NOT a direct measurement of GPS position accuracy. Please inform yourself better.

thanks for the reply . since when i am using via serial the hdop would come around 0.7 .but when i use via CAN it come around 1 only .

That value depends on the GPS satellites constellation position. Again. it is not a direct measurement of GPS accuracy.

Ardupilot has a GPS accuracy value. Use that one. Ignore hdop values, hdop values are important, but not for the reasons you think.

thank you for your comments & tips.

for the RTL aggresive decent may be RTL _ALT_TYPE set to 1