RTL Ground test behavior

Hey all,

I am currently building a fixed wing aircraft with an electric motor.

I have built a previous arduplane with an internal combustion motor. The IC build would throttle up when I tested RTL on the ground.

This build will not throttle up on the ground. I have included my logs below. I have seen a few places that say it is a safety check that it should not throttle up on the ground but that disagrees with what I saw in my previous build and what I saw when running this in the SITL.

Any and all help would be great.
I am also attaching my parameter file.
BlueEagleParams.param (11.2 KB)

@Autonomost Correct, RTL should not throttle up if on the ground. The only exception I can think of is if you have landed and it wasn’t detected for some reason (I haven’t really tested that scenario at all) but I can confirm normally before takeoff RTL should not apply throttle on the ground, nor can I make SITL apply throttle before taking off on the ground.

Thanks for getting back to me. This is strange because my IC plane did throttle up when it was on the ground. Anyways, I appreciate the response!

You got a full throttle by reversing the control signal to the motor though. Disarming sends motor to full throttle If you look at what the autopilot thought it was outputting I’m fairly confident it thought it was outputting 0 throttle.

The disarming sending to full throttle didn’t occur with the IC plane. That only occured when I was reversing the throttle on this electric plane. I will be conducting a test flight wednesday so I will finally put this to bed.

This is a non issue. The plane worked great. I wonder why my IC plane throttled up on the ground. Oh well!