RTL Gear Up Landing

Pixkawk 2.4.8, AC3.6.9, Tarot 650 Sport stretched to 662mm, FrSky X8R receiver, STorm32 gimbal, 915mHz telemetry, Tarot retracts, 350Kv Motors swinging 16" props on 6S.

I was out this afternoon testing some new props (16" Tarot Folding) and Pixhawk went into low battery failsafe. All was “normal” until the landing phase when Pixhawk retracted the landing gear.

Cycling the gear switch did nothing. Thankfully, the aircraft landed with no damage.

I have tested low battery and loss of RC failsafe, RTL and landing gear retraction and deployment numerous times. I have switched to Land with gear up and gear down, but today was the first time I have seen Land retract the landing gear.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, its been 30 days and this RTL/landing gear bug bit me again.

This quad had been down for a while because I was waiting for new aluminum motor mounts to get here from China. While I was waiting for the mounts I updated to AC3.6.10.

I got the mounts installed yesterday. I leveled the motors.

Today I made a test hop. Every thing was going just fine and I even cycled the landing gear several times. Then out of the blue I got a low battery failsafe and Pixhawk went into RTL AND RETRACTED THE LANDING GEAR.

Just like the last time this happened I HAD NO CONTROL OF THE LANDING GEAR

This is a SERIOUS SAFETY issue.

I have done some bench testing and I have determined that Land Mode is causing this issue.

I supported the quad, powered my Taranis, powered up the quad, pressed the safety switch, and cycled the landing gear switch to “arm” the gear.

With the gear down I switched to Land. The gear retracted and I could not control the gear until I switched back to Stabilize.

I don’t do retracts alot, and I train people to fly the pack/cell voltages rather then time, so battery failsafe RTL is less likely, but there’s a pair of birds out there that I’d hate to see landing with gear up.
Will a call @rmackay9 help ? :slight_smile:

Sure, its worth a shot.

Did some more testing. I have a hex with a Pixhawk 2.4.6 and retracts. This one works like it should, i.e. when the LG are down (deployed) and I switch to Land the gear stays down…

So, this may be and issue with Pixhawk 2.4.8…