RTL descending to a point

Is it possible to make an RTL lets say at 30m that descends gradually to 10m while navigating towards home?

I know i can add a waypoint at 10 meters and navigate to that and than make an rtl, i was just wondering if it is possible to directly have rtl descending to a certain altitude while navigating to home.

Smart RTL is not an option because the way in is on the other side of way out, so smat rtl would make the approach from a wrong direction.

It doesn’t do that today. I’m actually working on that in an open PR though. I have it working nicely in principle. It will descend down to the RTL altitude while cruising home, or at least descend as far as it can if it is already very close to home to begin with. The problem is the way the position controller leash works, it will not reach the set horizontal and vertical speeds in a consistent manner, which throws the timing and calculations all off.

That is exactly what i was looking for. Great you are working on it and hope you can solve the problems. As i understand it the biggwst prob is that when travelling in 3D the aircraft doesn’t obey to set speeds.

As you stated in the description on github it would be way more efficent and less time consuming whenever an rtl like that is possible to use.

Really hope this option will be avail in future. What i do now is set a waypoint close to my home on the way back to a lower altitude than i trigger RTL, it is a bit of a workaround.

My limited coding skills don’t allow me to see the difference between an RTL sloping to a certain altitude and a guided to a set altitude. I tough it was easy to implement since basicly it can already be done in guided, but i am wrong :slight_smile: