RTL at 1m/s, why?

hi all,
in a large quad with PH2.1 and Arducopter 3.7-dev, everything was working as expected until yesterday, when i turned RTL on the TX and it switched correctly, but speed was a slow 1m/s.
Previous flight, i used to have a solid speed, i can’t remember exact speed, maybe 6m/s.
Then i landed manually and checked RTL_SPEED, it was = 0. I put 1000 (which should be 10m/s), flow again, switched to RTL and again it was coming back at 1m/s.
What can i do/check?

May I ask what did you set for WPNAV_SPEED?
when you changed the param RTL_speed to 1000 , did you also click enter and wrote the param ?

Check your full parameter list to make sure everything is as you think it is.

Use full parameter list, this is most likely a buggy GCS, what GCS software are you using ?

Make sure you do not mess cm with m. that gives you a 100 error factor.

i have 109 at WPNAV_SPEED (and i didn’t touched it since beginning) and yes, i wrote RTL_SPEED at 1000, then wrote params etc also i did a reboot

Hello @Steve79 ,
I would suggest put RTL_SPEED=0 and change WPNAV_SPEED to the number you are interested for your desired speed.?
let me know about the result.

i’ve done another flight test, and this time RTL speed was ok, not stuck at 1m/s, whatever setting i tried:

  • last flight setup: WP = 109, RTL = 0 , speed was accelerating over 5m/s then drone arrived at home, ok BUT this should not work like this!
  • set WP 500, RTL = 0 same: drone accelerating ok, then arrived, ok
  • set WP = 109, RTL = 500, same, ok

so i was unable to replicate problem. I’m happy about it works, but i would have preferred to understand what exactly caused problem