RTK issues not cm-accuracy

Hi, I´using a pixhawk 2.0 with the 3.5.0 rc11 firmware version. I got the here+ rtk gps and 3dr antennas.
I only have 50 cm accuracy after 2h of gps calibration, it´s supposed to give a cm-accuracy. What its wrong? How i have to configure to rtcm?

Hi leiro
Was RTK gps status fixed ? If you want get cm-accuracy, you just need to wait RTK gps status into fixed(status:6).

I will check it the next time i´ll use it. Another question:

  • do you use mavlink 2.0?
  • in the parameters EKF2_GPS_V/P_NOISE do you change something?

It´s so frustrating all this problems after spend all this money

Hi leiro
All parameters about EKF2 are default, except EKF2_ALT_SOURCE, we use gps altitude as primary alt source.

how do you know it’s 50cm accuracy now?

okey, thank you for your time

In Surveyln Acc I put 50 cm and that´s take two hours of calibrate, the last time i tried with 10 cm thats spend more than five hours, is it normal?