RTK alternatives

Hello, I would like to measure with precision how much my drone moved from a starting point XYZ axes.
how many centimeters or milliliter. I don’t really care where the drone is positioned in the map or it actual location. I just need to track when it moved and by how much.

the RTK came as a possible solution, I am not sure if this is the best way to achieve this as most RTK are 5-20hz which is very slow to the project.

also, what’s the best RTK system you recommend for ArduPilot?

Check out pozyx.io
Need 20chars…

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for, it seems fast, but the accuracy isn’t that great 4 inches, around 10 cm, I was told some RTK have 1cm precision. you mention 20chars what’s that? thanks,

“20 chars” is just a stupid limit of this forum, too short answers are not accepted, one need to have at least 20 chars.
You need to determine whatever you need great absolute position, or just good relative position and then hold well within the area, maybe flow camera can add the precision you need, if not, lidar can.

You can have 100Hz RTK systems from Septentrio. They work great, you just need to have enogh money!
Bewhere that Ardupilot needs to have 10Hz or less. It will go crazy if you use more that that. But you can have a companion RTK system that is not connected to the ardupilot that runs at 100Hz.
The RTK RTCM injection can be performed by ardupilot, just connect the AP TX to the GPS RX line, but not the other way around !!

You can check out the mRo ZED F-9 it has centimeter precision https://store.mrobotics.io/product-p/mr-m10020-a.htm

The EKF will output position at a much greater frequency than the RTK position input.