RPM problems on motor

I have a problem with the RPM of my hexa.
After arming, all engines run at no4 after the same rpm, only the no4 stays behind. Even if you give more gas at no4 behind. I have calibrated the esc several times via mission planner. when that did not change, I renewed the firmware and then I calibrated the esc via blhelisuite and finally bought a new Pixhawk. After all this I still have the same problem. Some of you know a solution after 4 months I am done with it

It’s likely a bad ESC or motor…

Swap motor 4 w/ one of the others to see if the problem is still there.
Then swap the ESC channel w/ another to see if the problem follows the ESC.
Then you’ll know which component is to blame.

It’s not a hardware problem I already swap de esc and swapp te motors with the spare once.

Then post a log file and maybe someone will be able to figure out what’s going on.

Are you by any chance using the radio to arm motors that do not have any props installed?

I have armed the engines without props and then the problem is not there. This has made me think. When I reinstalled the props, the problem was again on engine 1. When I tried to explain to my wife what the problem was, I saw what the cause was :woozy_face:, I had the pitch stick function reversed, function reversed problem solved.

Thanks people for the support :call_me_hand::+1: