RPM incresing without my input

Hi folks,
I have a motor which is Turnigy D3542/4 1450KV. I use 4 pieces of these motors in my quadcopter. I use Skywalker 80A ESC and Pixhawk Cube Black. All of softwares are up to date. When i gave 10% throttle, it increases itself so rapidly. I tested its rpm limits. Normally it runs 7000-24000 rpm. But, in %10 throttle situation it quickly reaches 23-24k rpm levels. I tried to fly it and it made itself to %100 throttle, quickly gained altitude.

Post a link to the .bin flight log file where this was experienced.

Sorry, my pixhawk cannot save log files for a while. I cannot afford another new sd card. So, i cannot test and save log files.