Rplidar visualizes in proximity only between 0 and 135 degrees

![You should see a screenshot of my computer here.][https://i.imgur.com/yPxJxDa.jpg)

Here is what I see in the proximity view, at the time I took this screenshot I was standing about where you would expect to see a reading of 2meters about 270 degrees. (directly to the left of the robot) though it doesn’t show that. Walking around the robot in a circle or spinning the robot on its axis near an obstacle confirms that readings between 315 and 180 don’t show in the proximity view.

I set up my lidar following this section of the wiki: here.

I’m using a slightly modified version of the latest rover firmware. I added this code to support the Rplidar S1 which only requires a delay on startup to function. The S1 is backwards compatible with the A2 and should function the same otherwise.

I also have the baud rate set 256000 as required by the S1.

I notice that briefly while connecting to the rover I can see it visualize a full 360 degrees. However after less than a second I can only see the right side of the robot.

EDIT: Tried another computer with the same version of mission planner, now the readings for 225 and 180 are present but not 270 and 315. Sometimes the reading at 225 disappears.

EDIT2: The sensor is functioning correctly giving the sensor an offset in PRX_YAW_CORR causes other parts of the sensor to be used. Though it still only displays data between 0 and 180