Rplidar and single lidar

Hi, Is it possible to connect an rplidar sensor (360°) and a lidar sensor (single direction) to the cube at the same time? (Round and down the vehicle)

yes, it is, you can connect up-to 10 lidar sensors in different directions. (rotating or not)

Thanks dear amilcarlucas, but i say due to These two pages.

i want to use rplidar a2 360 (horizontally) and tfmini plus for altitude.
Can you send the docs link?

You have the docs already. Did you test this? what does not work? what are the errror messages?

Hi @hassani… If you connect the rplidar and change the correct parameters, you can use it for obstacle avoidance. The downward facing range finder can be simultaneously used for terrain following.

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Thanks, i have two questions.
1.Can i use downward facing rangefinder for Surface tracking like terrain following?
Link : https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/terrain-following-manual-modes.html?highlight=surface

  1. And can i use rplidar for path planning Instead obstacle avoidance?
    Link : https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-oa-bendyruler.html?highlight=path%20planning

Thank you too amilcarlucas,
I haven’t tested yet, i wanted to be sure.

Yes to both of your questions.
Obstacle avoidance is divided into two parts:
A. Simple Avoidance - done in semi-autonomous modes like Loiter
B. Path Planning - done in fully autonomous modes like guided, auto mode

If you have the rplidar set up correctly, you can use it for both A and B.
For more details head on here: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-object-avoidance-landing-page.html

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Hi dears,
i want to adjust Sample Frequency of rplidar, for exampale 4k or 8k. How can i set it?
Does the sample frequency of rplidar change as the pwm changes? (Pwm on motoctl pin)

No the PWM does not change the sampling rate. Check the RPlidar user manual to configure the sampling rate.

Should I use SDK? If I adjust it in sdk, will it be saved?
And last question dear Amilcar, default value of sample rate while motoctl is high (connected to vcc) , How much is?

HI,Do you have debugging documentation?

I follow the MP on the official website to show bad lidar healthy。