Has any one used RPLidar A3 (360°) Lidar with cube black or any other versions?..im running Arducopter 4.0.3

Thank You

I advise you to use arducopter master with PR #16505 on top of it. It should work great.

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Hey All,

Is RPLidar A3 (or S1/S2) supported in base Master now - or is the PR still required?

The PR is still open, so it is still needed

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Could you please advise to documentation regarding how to run a PR on top of ArduCopter master? This is my first time doing such a thing.

You need to git clone master and compile the source code, once you have that I can tell you how to proceed.

I have done so. Is it ok that I am using Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine?

yes, that is ok.

now do:

git pull master
git remote add peterbarker https://github.com/peterbarker/ardupilot.git
git fetch peterbarker pr/new-a2-driver
git checkout pr/new-a2-driver
git rebase master
./waf configure --board=CubeOrange
./waf copter --upload

I am seeing the following error:


Also - I am using a CubeOrange so I compiled for CubeOrange and will build accordingly. Let me know if that will require anything different.

You have local changes on some files, you are not supposed to do that, and if you do, then only after the rebase.

Please stash the changes.

My mistake, I must have made some changes on this folder a while back and forgotten about it.

I started from scratch with a fresh git clone and was able to carry out your steps. I have yet to upload it to the aircraft because of one quick question. When I upload this custom build to the aircraft, will all of my parameters be transferred? I know this happens when switching between stable versions, but just want to make sure that is the case before I push the custom build.

I have backed up a parameter list regardless of what is supposed to happen.

your parameters will be transferred.

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Good AFternoon,

Apologize for the delay. When I uploaded the firmware to the aircraft - it gave me an error with T failed and could not detect barometer. The only way to fix this error was to wipe the board and start from fresh. Do you have any thoughts on this?

It also looks like 4.2.0-dev is being uploaded - anyway I can lock this to 4.1.1?

For 4.1.2-rc1 do:

git fetch origin
git checkout Copter-4.1
git branch -D pr/new-a2-driver
git checkout pr/new-a2-driver
git rebase Copter-4.1
./waf configure --board=CubeOrange
./waf copter --upload

When I run ./waf copter I get the following error:

FYI: There were multiple points during ./waf configure I have to run git rebase --skip due to failed patches. Could this be the issue?

No, you are not allowed to --skip stuff. You need to manually solve the merge conflicts.

There are a series of patches that fail - so I may require a little bit of assistance here. The first patch that fails is as follows:

@peterbarker can you help this user rebase one of your PR’s?

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I’m not much in to programing. Is there any other way or firmware upgrades?
I need to mix the A3 with TF3 both to work simultaneously.
If you could guide me on this its big help.

Thank You

I’m traveling right now, have very little time. I hope @peterbarker can help you out.

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