RPLidar A2 for avoidance on Cube

Hey everyone,

Has anyone successfully used the RPLidar A2 with their cube for avoidance? I have it hooked up as specified in the wiki (using the GPS1 port aka serial 3), but don’t get any feedback in the real-time proximity viewer window. Is this normal? I’d like to make sure it’s working before attempting to fly it into a barrier to see if avoidance is working as it should. I’m on the latest master, 3.7. Thanks!

@rmackay9 I’ve seen your rover video, but have you tried it on a copter yet?

Hi @vosair, I haven’t tried the RPLidarA2 on Copter but it should work. I think it’s a good idea to get the proximity viewer working first before flight testing - if nothing is appearing in the proximity viewer then I think it’s likely that it’s not working.

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I can confirm it works. I had the baud rate set to 15 instead of 115. I’ll do a test flight as soon as it stops snowing to verify that it works in flight.

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I was able to test the A2 in flight today and it works great. It took me a minute to realize that avoidance does not work in PosHold mode. I think it would be useful to note this in the wiki. I finally realized that it works in Loiter only (for guided modes).