Rplidar A1 360 how to configure

I has-been many more time to configure but I’m not success plz tell me how to connect 360lidar on pixhawk 2.4.8. i have some detail but not sure.

( “” https://youtu.be/FSxn7NM6N84 “” ) like this guy.

And I have this module. Any buddy help me ?

Connect the top ground, to the serial 4 ground. Then the Tx to the serial 4 Rx and the lidar Rx to the serial 4 Tx. Then connect 5V, MotoCtl and VMoto to a 5V BEC. Also the second ground to the BEC ground, but I keep the grounds connected.

Then check the parameter list (following the wiki):

SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 11 if using Serial 4
PRX_ORIENT = 0 if mounted on the top of the vehicle, 1 if mounted upside-down on the bottom of the vehicle.

Now in MP with Ctrl-F you should see the radar window.

With Copter 4 there are more options for obstacle avoidance, but I haven’t played with them yet.

Thank you for your kind ful reply , but sir this lidar is A1 can running in pixhawk?

I have never tried, but I think it should work.
Also consider that the RPLidar A1 is suitable for indoor use.

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So what can I do now sir , i want to be need on outside , anymore solution ?

RPLIDAR A1 is basically a laser triangulation measurement system. It can work
excellent in all kinds of indoor environment and outdoor environment without

But sir how to configure and it will be stable on my custom design ?

cloud you please explain your design ?

Can you give me your email or other social network?

Hi Mo
Iam having the same issue. RPLIDAR A1
Connected to Telem 1 on Orangecube. The lidar is spinning but i cant see data. Always Bad Lidar health on mission planner.
I cant find the AP_Proximity_RPLidarA2 in mission planner to edit either i guess its a hidden file but dont know where to fing on Win 10.

Anyway could you kindly assist to get around this issue?