RPi3 B with APSync: Advanced IP scanner shows RPI connection as dead. Also ssh not working


I am working on a project and deadline is very short! need help.
I need to make Rpi communicate with flight controller via MAVlink. I am following

SD card already has APSync image on it and is inserted in Rpi3. When I try finding IP address of Rpi using advanced IP scanner, the scanner shows Rpi as a dead connection (also I have multiple connections in the name of raspberry pi foundation). I think because of this I am also unable to SSH rpi.

Any suggestions, please? I am new to all these stuff and m still in early phase of learning. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Is the “ardupilot” access point appearing?

Can you connect to that access point?

If so, you should be able to open an ssh connection to - user
apsync, password apsync

hey Peter,

yes I was able to connect to access point with It works! thanks

hey… im having some problem on my pi 3. a few moments ago,im able to use pi on my laptop but then suddenly my laptop shutdown. after im opened up laptop,i cannot use pi3 and on advanced ip scanner its appear dead connection on my pi3. can anyone help me what should I do?