RPi Lidar for 360 degree collision avoidance

I see Ardupilot supports RPi 360 Lidar and wanted to know that does it support collision avoidance using this Lidar in all four directions or in one direction.
Also is it possible to use this lidar for terrain following or collision avoidance and terrain following following simultaneously. This is a feature that DJI offers in their Agriculture drone. Is this also possible with ardupilot.


It is possibe to use it for 360 degree colision avoidance, but for terrain following you should use another lidar, not a rotating one.

We use the A2 lidar for 360 avoidance and a LeddarOne for a downward rangefinder. They’ve worked very well so far.

My doubt is that does Ardupilot has code written for using RPi for 360 degree collision avoidance in loiter mode right now or do i have to make modifications to the code.

Just found out that it does work in all directions. Thanks for the reply guys .

That’s correct. I’ve tested it in all direction and it worked as it should.