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Rpanion video pixelating issue

Today I tried Rpanion, this is a great project!!
mobile LTE telemetry is good with no error but I am getting this pixelating video stream issue…
can someone help me fix this issue?

no pixelating when no movement of camera…

my current setting as below

rpi 3b+
pixhawk 2.4.8
pi camera
usb lte dongle (huawei E8372)
Zerotier vpn
Rpanion image
qgc (android mobile lte)

Hi joonyoung86
Your issue may be relevant to

  1. The bandwidth of Zerotier VPN
  2. Wrong setting at the Gstreamer pipeline rtpjitterbuffer. You can find the previous discussion here
    Difference in gstreamer between QGC and MP
    If you can not solve the problem. You should look at our platform Skynet for the video streaming solution We are now open for beta testing: [BETA - TESTING - CALL ] Skynet - LTE Drone Video Streaming + Datalink Platform
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