Rover Zigzagging Instead of Driving Straight in Auto Mode

Hello everyone,

When my rover is in Auto mode, it moves erratically, zigzagging instead of driving in straight lines. It’s as if it can’t activate the left and right wheels simultaneously. Has anyone experienced this issue or have any ideas on what could be causing it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Can you give more information about your setup?

Have you performed the configuration and tuning steps in the wiki?

Can you post a log file?

It is due to PID parameters, do you have any advice for values ?

Also, it seems there is an issue about the compass orientation … I don’t understand what is wrong

There is a topic in the auxiliary functions about using a button to do this.

You really need to follow the guide linked by Stephen above. Skip no steps.

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Any number have experienced this that haven’t followed the fairly straight forward tuning steps. If it doesn’t drive properly in Acro mode you are not done.

Is this the same vehicle you have been posting about for 6wks?