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Rover With Pixhawk 2.1 and Here+ RTX

(Yoann) #1

Hello everybody

I am new in this forum
My project is to build a rover with high precision GPS ( 5cm)
After some hours of reading on this website,
This is what I think to need
-a radio controlled car frame, with servo for the direction
-a Pixhawk 2.1 controller
-a Here+ RTK GPS
-a Battery for the controller and GPS, and other for the servo and the motor of the car
-a laptop with Windows
-a Telemetry system for the communication between the laptop and the rover

Mission planner
Driver Ublox m8P

Please give me your advice, and I want to know if I need some other components or softwares or software.

Thank you very much

PS English is not my langage so I am sorry for mistakes, and if you dont understand what I am writing, please tell me.

Thankyou !

(gmorph) #2

Battery Charger for the car battery

Probably some velcro and cable ties - always need those. You also need a way to mount the ArduPilot electronics to the car.

Lots and lots of time to build and figure everything out.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

Thanks, Grant.

(Yoann) #3

Thank you gmorph
I just saw in the page to download APM Rover
There is no version of APM Rover for PIxhawk 2
Schould I choose an other autopilot ?


(Yoann) #4

I seen an other think just now
In this link it is written Here + RTk is supported in Copter an Plane, but not in Rover
Can I use one of this two softwares to use Here + RTK ?

(gmorph) #5

There is firmware for APMRover for Pixhawk 2. Not quite sure why you need to download a firmware file unless your doing something unusual. Mission Planner will automatically download the correct one for you if you using Mission Planner as your GCS.

Which exact Pixhawk do you have? A cube?

Thanks, Grant.

(gmorph) #6

You will need to use the latest Rover Beta to support the Here+. If your using Mission Planner then you can select the tick box to download and install beta versions of the firmware.

Thanks, Grant.

(Yoann) #7

I don’t have any controller for now but the one i wanted to buy is the cube