Rover Skid Steer Problems

Hi All,

I’ve been using APMs and Pixhawks for a long time and I’m having a problem setting up skid steering. I’ve been able to get the motors to “steer” (they slow down and speed up in the proper direction when commanded) but I can’t get the throttle to stop when the stick is at idle. Both motors spin and will accelerate when I throttle up but I can’t get them to stop. Any ideas as to where I’m going wrong?

Reduce the SERVOn_MIN. I had to reduce mine to 1000 for my skid-steer setup.

Thanks, Guys. Got it figured out. I had to adjust the trims way down to get it to work properly. Everything seems to be working OK now and I’ll know more later once I’ve installed everything into my rover and driven it.


If you mean you adjusted the TX trims down, that is a big no-no. Everything coming from the TX is user input and the autopilot will react to it.
Leave the trims, subtrims, expo, dual rates at their defaults or at zero.
Ardurover expects forward/reverse ESCs, so the throttle PWM output is at 1500us by default. If you use airplane/copter ESCs, change the servoX_trim (should be 1500) parameter to the servoX_min value (1000). But reversible car or 3d copter ESCs are the better solution.

I adjusted the trim on the servo output tab in Mission Planner. Ratio trims are always centered.