Rover simulation SITL with Gazebo

Hello, I would to start testing my code with SITL and Gazebo for a rover. I am able to find plenty of examples for arducopter, but none that seem to work with a rover. My plans are to simulate rover with lidar and then write the pymavlink code to command it. Thanks!

Hi @Citeone, there is a skid steer rover example that uses Gazebo and SITL here: SITL_Models/ at master · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub

If you are looking for a more complex setup using Lidar sensors / ROS 2 / mavros / SITL I’ve put together a rover example here: GitHub - srmainwaring/ros_gz_rover: An example demonstrating how to use the ROS2 - Ignition bridge for a skid-steer rover controlled by ArduPilot.

@Citeone exactly what I was thinking of doing! Can I ask how far you’ve gotten with this?