Rover setup in PIXhawk servo problem

This my rover .I am using:
Rover v2.51
(tank model)

two 130 electric motor
two MICBRO ESC 160a ,left esc to main outputs 1 and right esc to 3,ECS red singnl is cut ,PPM Encoder to 8 PWM

RC channel 1 to ppm encoder channel 1
RC channel 2 to ppm encoder channel 3
RC channel 5 to ppm encoder channel 8
RC channel 6 to ppm encoder channel 7
like this

transmitter is WTF09Ⅱand receivers too
when i link the battery .left ECS led is shining,seem not to link, pixhawk LED is yellow, it still can arm though the Mission Planning show disarm always.when i push the sticks .only channal 1 (roll) have in and out ,the MP show.

I don’t know why you have changed the RC channel to ppm encoder channel instead of leaving them as straight through which is what almost everyone else does but its up to you.
You haven’t connected RC Channel 3 to anything and that’s the throttle channel by default. If I were you I would connect RC channel 1,2,3,4 straight through to ppm encoder channels 1,2,3,4 and try again.
Thanks, Grant.

Thanks.great,but I try ,it not change

px4fw.bin (804.3 KB)
this log