Rover forward-backward moving issue

I am using FrSky X7 transmitter to control my rover. Although my all parameters are good, I am not able to move it in front and back direction. I can control its left-right direction. How to fix it?

Far more detail needed, show us your rover

Here is the drive link of the AGV picture.

Did you arm it? Steering works disarmed, throttle does not. If you did arm it there will be a .bin log on the Flight Controller. Post a link to it.

So it’s a skid steer, and both motors drive when you input turn in manual mode so its not an esc or hardawre problem. Well you can monitor your radio outputs on the transmitter then on mp in the raw sensor view page you can see what the fc rc inputs and pwm outputs are doing, so work backwards from there

It looks like you have a toggle switch inline with the battery. That’s generally a bad idea and will likely smoke in no time.

Is that the case for skid steer too? If so it doesn’t make much sense, it should be “when disarmed servos work but motors do not”

And not to derail the thread, but whats the situation with arming vs safety? If you set up arming via transmitter then do you need the function of safety switch also or do most people disable the safety function?

Good point. I misunderstood what he meant by Left/right but not fwd/rev.

I don’t use the safety switch on any vehicle. The 1st time I had to reach thru props to push a button gave me pause. Yea I know they are often on the GPS module but I don’t see the need so I disable it on FC’s that have it.

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Ok, i have always done the same but i revisited the idea recently if other ppl would be using my vehicle, i read somewhere that some robotics competitions require the robot to have no transmitter and thus the safety switch is used to effectively start the vehicle

Some, Like Teknofest, require a hard switch for power.
Speaking of that perhaps that switch he has for the Lipo battery is just for the electronics and those what appear to be SLA batteries supply motive power.

Actually, my rover moves in left-right direction but not moving in front-back direction.