Rover explicit turning, trying to get it to Reverse away from Objects

Hello there!
After getting more information about the Rover i’m working with and aswell how to set up parameters and missionplanner i am now at the end i in my project.
And the problem i’m having now is that i need my Rover to be able to Reverse if a object is to close infront of it.

Problem that i’m having today is that i’m trying to get the Rover to “Reverse” if it goes to close to a Wall for example, or any other Object that it has to avoid.
Because i have Explicit Steering on my Rover. that said it’s not a Skid steering Rover. Some times it do avoid objects because i have activated Bendyruler and object avoidance is active aswell so it does STOP infront of object if it is to close.

so what i’m trying to say because it does not have Skid steering, i need it to be able to Reverse if it happend to run up to a wall/object.

Pixhawk 4
hobbywing xerun 150A
not sure about the GPS

It runs and does exactly what it’s suppose to do with Mission Planner and WP’s to follow.

Just need it to be able to Reverse.
In manual Mode Reverse works as normal.

ParaListRover.param (14.5 KB)

Google Drive link to my LogFile now. First time for me doing this so thanks for the patient. if there is anything i need to click in or add more items in the tuning window let me know! :slight_smile:

So today it Stops in front of objects, example if i suddenly stands in front of it and then nothing more. I can hear it trying to turn and i can see the wheels making small turns like it’s trying to plan it’s path. if i step away goes on.

and ofc a pic of my little beast

and tiny video of how it runs

Having something weird with the steering now OR if it is the GPS tracker

Parameters will be linked when battery is done charging.

But in short terms it is having a hard time to go to the WP’s. been playing around with
NAVL1_Damping and NAVL1_period aka Lat Acc Cntrl Period and Lat Acc Cntrl Damp.

Anyone who can read the data and give me a helping hand would be lovely
Best Regards