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Rover Drives Past Last Waypoint

I came across an odd behavior that I cannot figure out where the rover continues to drive past the last waypoint before stopping.

In the log below I have a simple waypoint mission with 2 waypoints on my driveway. After switching to Auto I would expect the rover to drive to the first waypoint, turn around, head to second waypoint, and stop. Instead it goes to the second waypoint and then slows down/coasts to a stop about 10’ away from 2nd waypoint.

What do I need to do to get the rover to stop at the last waypoint?

Log here (I repeated the test a couple times)

It seems like it is slowly ramping down throttle after you hit the second waypoint - instead of just telling it to stop right away.

Maybe set mode to hold after the last waypoint?

I tried that before and no change. (WP1, WP2, DO_SET_MODE 4)

It seems like it gets to the last waypoint and then ramps down it’s speed slowly until it comes to a complete stop. Something is preventing it from stopping without decelerating first. This rover is by no means fast with a top speed is 0.5 m/s.

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