Rover: Brushed ESC FPVKing Dual - Tested and approved

Hi guys,

after testing several brushed esc’s I found this one -

And is working fine with Rover.

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Hi, i have this esc and i try with Omnibus F4 pro ardurover 4.0 and dc motor brushed tank, but don’t work. Have you any setting to suggest? Thnks


in what position is the switch ?
How is the value or your MOT_PWM_TYPE parameter?
Have you hear a sort of beep’s from your esc when there are pwm activity? when booting for instance ?

Thanks, now works well.
Sometimes acro and steering modes seem to go on even without pilot input (without touching the radio sticks), it doesn’t always. In manual it works well, as you can see in this video at the bottom of the thread.
MOT_PWM_TYPE set to NORMAL and yes, I hear a sort of beep’s from esc when there are pwm activity.


I just can use Manual, Guided and Auto modes.
all others I have unexpected behaviors.

In Which kind of mode do you have a unexpected behaviors?

Hi @Alberto_Ds

in acro, sterring and simple modes.