Rover Arm/Disarm Outputs

Hey All!
I’ve got a rover project we’re working on that uses a companion board to control some other systems separate from the ardupilot. That companion board reads the SBUS out data from the ardupilot to control certain subsystems and reads other inputs from other sources to control other subsystems. What I’d like to do is have the autopilot report the arm/disarm state over SBUS to the companion board so that it can shut down the other subsystems when the system is disarmed.

According to Autopilot Output Functions — Copter documentation there’s “Motor Enable Switch” which can provide this feature if we map to a output channel, but for some reason its only available for copters and planes, not rovers! (I’m very curious as to why if anyone has insights).

I also looked into Lua scripts, but I’m concerned that the scripts have no timing guarantees and I’d really like to use this as an extra safety function.

With that in mind, what do you think would be the best way to output the arm/disarm state on the SBUS out? Thanks in advance!

For anyone else I ended up just setting one of the switches on the transmitter to act as a disarm and would always use that to disarm the rover. I then did RC passthrough on that switch to the output. Not the best solution, but good enough.