Rover-4.3.0-beta10 available for beta testing

In order to keep up with Plane and Copter, Rover-4.3.0-beta10 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using MP or QGC’s beta firmwares link or the .apj file can be manually downloaded from The changes vs -beta9 are in the release-notes and copied below.

  1. Bug fixes
    a) GPS unconfigured error fix for non-M10 uBlox GPS
    b) Gremsy gimbal fix when attached to autopilot’s serial3 (or higher)
    c) MambaF405 2022 gets VTX power on support
    d) MCU voltage enabled on H757 CPUs (including CubeOrangePlus)
    e) PiccoloCAN fix for ESC voltage and current scaling
    f) Servo gimbal mount yaw handling fix (only affects 3-axis servo gimbals)

As always, any testing and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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The grass has begun to grow, so I got the mower out for the first time in a few months today. I loaded 4.4-dev rather than 4.3-beta because I wanted to use optical flow. Relevant to 4.3, I can report that it’s still a bit of a struggle to achieve straight-line tracking, even with RTK GPS, moving baseline for yaw, AND optical flow enabled (I tried EK3_SRC1_VELXY=5 as well as EK3_SRC1_VELXY=3 + EK3_SRC2_VELXY=5). Will revisit my basic tune in the coming weeks and see how I can improve things.

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Here are balance bot with hoverboard motors tests with beta10:

The 105cm doll approaches 1/1 scale, and the 48cm doll gives a more racing feeling. However, on the 48cm doll with 6.5" wheels, BAL_PITCH_MAX can reach a little above 30º (with covers touching ground), but with 10" wheels it can go above 45º:

10" is the way to go.