Rover-4.1.3-rc1 released for beta testing

Rover-4.1.3-rc1 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded using MP or QGC’s beta firmwares link.

The changes vs Rover-4.1.2 are in the release-notes and also copied below.

  1. CUAV-X7 servo voltage detection support
  2. Bug fixes
    a) Main loop delay fix for boards with 16 bit timers (could affect smaller boards like those from MatekSys)
    b) Polygon Fence upload fix when replacing fence with one that has fewer points

This change bring Rover up-to-date with Copter-4.1.3 and Plane-4.1.5 and in general we can rely on those frame’s larger group of beta testers to uncover any issue but in any case, if you notice anything odd please post below, thanks!

I have a balance bot with two DC motors with encoders, working beautifully till some 4.1.x beta/rc version (I didn’t try all). 4.0.0 works and also up to some intermediate version I downloaded on date 20200117 with this MP message:
ArduRover V4.0.1-dev (0e70eabd)

This was reported here, with not much feedback as can be seen.

The effect is easy to check: arm the balance bot, hold it with one hand and simply change its pitch manually:

  • On Manual mode, motors rotation sense depends on pitch and throttle as should.
  • On Acro mode, motors rotation sense only depends on throttle.

So the effect is that it only works in Manual mode: if having it in Manual, mode is changed Manual->Acro, it falls immediately. I can make a video of it if required.

During this almost two years I have had it working with 4.0.0 stable or V4.0.1-dev mentioned above waiting:

  • Some feedback.
  • If I could find out if I missed something I should have done, or some needed parameter change.
  • Something similar related reported for this type of vehicle.

With this version
ArduRover V4.1.3-rc1 (fe760a51)
the same happens.

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Sorry for the incredibly slow reply but I’ve reproduced the issue and it’s on the 4.2 issues list so I’m sure we will get it fixed. Sorry about the delay.

Update: the fix is here and will be included in Rover-4.2.0-beta3 in a week or two.

No problem; thanks for considering it, and glad to see that I didn’t misconfigure something. I have being testing with 4.00 stable (occasionally with new versions: same problem (falls in Acro)) and even mounted another similar balance bot with:

  • Bigger wheels.
  • Higher position of upper surface.
  • DC motors with planetary gears (also with encoders).