Rover-4.1.2-rc1 released for beta testing

Rover-4.1.2-rc1 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded from the various ground stations (e.g. Mission Planner, QGC) or downloaded directly from

The changes vs Rover-4.1.1 are in the release notes and copied below.

Changes from 4.1.1

  1. CAN_Dn_UC_OPTION param added to help resolve DroneCAN DNA conflicts
  2. Durandal with alternative ICM-20602 IMU
  3. OBAL autopilot support (Open Board Architecture for Linux)
  4. FETtec One ESC protocol support
  5. Bug Fixes
    a) APM/LOGS directory creation fixed on some boards
    b) EKF3 fix to switch to non-zero primary core when disarmed

This release is in sync with the Copter-4.1.2-rc1 beta release so in general we can rely on the Copter beta testers to test this release but in any case, all feedback is very much appreciated.


This is Edward Perez
How is the Toqeedo interface project going ?
Did you accomplish the rudder/ autonomous pixhawk?

Hi Francisco,

Yes, the torqeedo interface is working well in Rover-4.2.0-DEV and will start beta testing within a month.

The only deficiency left in the driver is that it only supports a single motor. It is not difficult to extend it to support multiple motors but I probably won’t get to that in time for the start of beta testing.

As a side note, I’d also like to add support for the similar ePropulsion motors but I don’t actually have the hardware.