Copter-4.1.2-rc1 release for beta testing

Copter-4.1.2-rc1 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded from the various ground stations (e.g. Mission Planner, QGC) or downloaded directly from

The changes vs 4.1.1 are in the release notes and copied below

Changes from 4.1.1

  1. CAN_Dn_UC_OPTION param added to help resolve DroneCAN DNA conflicts
  2. Durandal with alternative ICM-20602 IMU
  3. OBAL autopilot support (Open Board Architecture for Linux)
  4. FETtec One ESC protocol support
  5. Bug Fixes
    a) ADSB vertical velocity reporting fix
    b) APM/LOGS directory creation fixed on some boards
    c) AutoTune fix to disable SMAX limits that could interfere with tune
    d) EKF3 fix to switch to non-zero primary core when disarmed
    e) Notch filter update rate fix
    f) Surface tracking fix if rangefinder glitches
    g) TradHeli rename of H_COLL_HOVER to H_COL_HOVER

Most of these fixes are relatively minor but “5f) Surface tracking fix if rangefinder glitches” is dangerous because it could cause the vehicle to climb or descend a few meters each time the rangefinder glitches.

If all goes well we hope to release these changes as the stable version in about a week.

Any and all testing is greatly appreciated!


Thank you Randy and the Team will get it loaded straight away

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In automatic mission, the timer stops when rtl, but it should stop when it lands.

In automatic mission, when you switch the flight mode from auto to althold and then back to stabilize mode, it stays stuck in poshold.

What timer are you talking about?

I never got some other mode when I select stabilize. How exactly are you doing that? RC transmitter or GCS?


That One is AFAIK done in the ground station. Please report a mission planner bug. Not an arducopter bug

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But this started happening after 4.1.2 update .

can i have some more details on your setup?
the Time in Air options is based on being armed, and the ch3 throttle being > 12 percent

so how is your frame setup?

Does this help?