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Rover-4.0.0-rc4 available for beta testing!

Rover-4.0.0-rc4 (the 4th beta) has been released and is available using Mission Planner or QGC’s “beta firmware” links (or you can manually download the firmware from The changes vs -rc3 are in the release notes and also copied below:

  1. Lightware SF40c lidar driver for latest version
  2. UBlox F9 GPS automatic configuration
  3. UAVCAN RTK GPS support
  4. Bug Fixes:
    a) Auxiliary switch support for RTL, SmartRTL fixed
    b) Fence health reporting relaxed (was showing Fence Breach when fence was not setup)
    c) RangeFinder type parameter clarified for Benewake lidar
    d) Barometer PROBE_EXT parameter description improvement
    e) Pixhawk4 board LED brightness fix

Hopefully this will be the final release candidate so any testing you can do will be greatly appreciated!


I’m wondering if anyone has given Rover-4.0.0-rc4 a test? I think it’s likely safer and better than 3.5.2 now but I’d like to hear some more feedback before I push it to be the stable release…

I believe I have let me look at my wee rover. won’t be much of a test other than driving it around in manual acro and steering, let me find a log file, although now that I think of it I am on latest dev, would that do much to help rc4, if not I can put rc4 on and have a drive around my kitchen floor, I am pretty sure my rover probably isn’t setup correctly, but I will eventually get it figured out!! Downloading logs currently will post in a few! Don’t laugh at how poorly I have it setup hahaha was my first stab at rover



A fine looking rover. The 3G/LTE modem on there is interesting. Are you using UAVCast or something else?

Putting Rover-4.0.0-rc4 on it would be a great help. I agree that it’s unlikely you’ll uncover issues but that’s OK, any testing is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here is a short little driving around my kitchen floor which with this tracked rover is all I can do and it’s about 1x1m hahaha I may take it to campus tomorrow and annoy folks before turkey day. This little rover is 3d printed then I changed it a bit to add a Tupperware container to the top of it to accommodate a rpi0w with one of those usb hats that has 4 usb 2.0. on the zero I have like @rmackay9 mentioned UAVCast it is running a huawei E3372 4g lte dongle to connect to the great www. I have a logitech C615 web cam also connected to the zero to stream video back to MP or whatever computer I send it to. I have also enabled the pi to create a wifi signal from the 4g dongle which I have connected my emlid reach rtk gps unit to and have it connected to and a fellas mount point in cali, I was slightly to lazy to look up my username and password to connect to a NTRIP caster about 50km away.

Here is a short little drive of the rover on my 1x1m square kitchen floor. I do know that there is an issue with my inputs because if I move my reverse stick ever so slightly upwards it makes the rover start going forward, basically I can only turn one direction going forward or one going backward because if i try and go the other way it makes it go the opposite direction. very confusing I know hahaha.

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I did some driving this evening and all went well. The RCx Option issue is fixed as noted. All modes worked well and I ran a looped mission for 20 minutes or so and it went well also. I didn’t test the fence but from I can see it’s ready for prime time!

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@dkemxr, great, thanks for the feedback!

@Matt_C, txs for testing and the log. I had a look at the log but it’s hard to be sure what the issue is. The only unusual thing I see is the RCMAP_PITCH = 3, RCMAP_THROTTLE = 2 which is reversed from the default setup but that might be completely correct depending upon how you want to control the vehicle.

From the video it appears that moving the TX’s right stick left and right actually controls throttle which is unusual but again, that might be how you want it.

Yep, that is correct I had some issues with this remote and channel setup where when I had things the other way I was getting both sticks to control it which was crazy and could not drive it at all hahah. I bet if I set it up with a controller I am use to and use in everything (taranis x9d+/ s bus passthrough via rfd900x) that I could get it to operate properly. the latest project is a 3 wheeled rover with wheel encoders for the drive wheels, with a jetson nano for onboard fun stuff. I am using the trex jr driver to control the motors and a pixracer for FC, might throw in the mini carrier cube or the new control zero. Right now its got an old pixracer that I busted the rc connection on so I just soldered on wires that were needed hahaha crude but it works! this will be very similar to this rover @rmackay9 I believe you have one of these? I am working on a rear wheel caster that isn’t so rigid and will be also suitable for off road uses.

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@Matt_C, looking good. Yes, I still have an elab VEC on my shelf but I haven’t used it much recently. I’ve been focusing more on outdoor rather than indoor.

Anyway, looking good.


just so I am understanding wheel encoders correctly and in my case a pixracer that all connections are able to have feedback (like aux pins on pixhawk) that 4 of those pins will be used by the wheel encoders left/right, A and B connections then I will have in my case pin 1 and 2 be throttle left/right (3,4,5,6 are encoders) which will be connected to the trex jr motor controller.

@Matt_C, yes, this should work (having 2 encoders using servo output pins 3,4,5,6) and then controlling left and right motors with servo outputs 1 and 2. Remember to set BRD_PWM_COUNT = 2.

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