Rover-3.4.1 released!

Rover-3.4.1 has been released as the official/default firmware and will be available through the various ground stations (Mission Planner, QGC, etc) in the next hour or two. It can also be directly downloaded from

Changes vs Rover-3.4.0 can be found in the Release Notes and are also copied below:

  1. steering output caps removed (previously limits could result in wide turns on fast vehicles)
  2. lane based speed control (vehicle slows to stay close to line between waypoints), WP_OVERSHOOT replaces SPEED_TURN_GAIN
  3. MOT_SPD_SCA_BASE allow configuring speed (in m/s) above which speed scaling begins
  4. disable acceleration limits when ATC_ACCEL_MAX is zero
  5. accept DO_CHANGE_SPEED commands in Auto, Guided, RTL, SmartRTL
  6. DPTH dataflash log messages for recording downward facing echosounders on boats

If you have any problems with this new version it is possible to install Rover-3.4.0 using the Mission Planner’s “Pick Previous Firmware” link on the Install Firmware screen.

Thanks again to those who helped test this new version.

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